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Exhibition highlights

The only Logistics Exhibition in Central China——Multi-industry chain interaction, shared along the Belt and Road Initiatives and grasp Logistics Industry Development Opportunities in the Central Economic Zone。
Numerous associations, alliances, media participation, improving the quality of the exhibition,Eight theme exhibition exchange linkage ,Larger scale than before,Strategic Alliance,Strong media coverage,Concurrent Activities,

Four innovative initiatives to invite high quality buyers

1. Deeply Cooperating with the world-well known exhibition company MMI Shanghai Co., Ltd. , sharing of transport logistic China Asia exhibition and distribution of fresh logistic Asia buyers from industry resources, over 20,000 professional visitors.
2. Policy support, transfer of industries, as the country "promote the rise of Central China" strategy to drive down implementation of the strategy, the Central Economic Zone, "the Belt and Road Initiatives", the Zhengzhou airport, trade and cross-border E, logistics industry has great development potential in central China.
3. Innovative O2O propaganda mode, interspersed with complementary online and offline
4. Lots of high-level Concurrent Activities will be hold to attract high-end people to participate

Reason for visiting

Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition 2015 main products include logistics services, technical equipment, storage, transportation, logistics information, commercial services and other areas of the latest technology, equipment, the three-day exhibition attracted 13,887 domestic and foreign professional visitors negotiate procurement.
1. The only logistics exhibition in central China, brings together the latest industry information.
2. Eight theme exhibition exchange linkage
3. "exhibition", "conference" combine insight into the forefront of industry trends
4. Providing professional buyers the effective solutions for procurement logistics service equipment, effective business matching one-stop platform

Modern Logistics Development Forum

Modern Logistics Development Forum
2015 Annual Top 10 logistics equipment supplier
Top Ten cold chain logistics service providers medicine, food, clothing, cars , electronics and other procurement matchmaking
International Air Cargo Forum


    China Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition 2016 will be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 20-22 May 2016, to create the first exhibition in central of China. With the rapid development of e-commerce industry, the development of the logistics industry for human life brought a lot of convenience. Logistics save a lot of manpower and resources for people's life has brought enormous changes. The exhibition of "logistics, Better Life" as the core concept of sharing "along the way" development opportunities, provide a communication platform for the development of the logistics industry, to demonstrate the development of the logistics industry.

Industry trends

    Development of the logistics industry in Henan Province three-year action plan According to "People's Government of Henan Province, a number of opinions on the construction of high-growth service industries province", "People's Government of Henan Province Guiding Opinions on Accelerating Industrial Structure Adjustment" (Yu Zheng [2013] 65) and ([2014 Yu Zheng ] No. 42) spirit, to promote the province speed up the development of the logistics industry, accelerate the construction of high-growth service industries province formulated action plans.

The previous exhibition exhibitors audience rating

  • This is a big rally in central logistics industry, I am very pleased to be able to visit the exhibition and learn a lot of things, broaden their horizons, and meet a lot of friends in the industry, the development of logistics equipment industry grows really quickly, we have always Focus on cooperation with suppliers.

    ---Sinopharm,director Liu,equipment department
  • This is my second time to participate in Zhengzhou logistics exhibition. This year has been greatly improved in the organization and the scale of the audience, we purchased several electric forklifts , I feel very good.

    ---Xinzheng Zhongtian,Xuan Liu, chairman
  • The committee works very carefully, actively invite lots of buyers to visit and purchase, such as Zhengzhou Gree, Sanquan, Synear, Sinopharm and so to consult our products, and look forward logistics exhibition the next year!

    ---Onishi mechanical WangxiLei, general manager
  • Received the invitation of the organizing committee of the exhibition, we have 7 colleagues come to visit the exhibition. We learn new technology and get great help from this exhibition, and cooperate with some businesses . I wish the exhibition better and better, the next we will come back to visit and purchase.

    ---Gree Electric Appliances (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. Logistics Sun Bingbing, Technician
  • The new technology, new products, which are we need

    ---China Tobacco deputy master
  • We are the first to participate in ZZILE, which is a very good platform. Show us gain confidence in the logistics industry. We are also exposed to a lot of field precision of customers, which the organizers have done a very good point. The next show we will choose to continue participating, hopes the exhibition comply with industry trends, the scale can be expanded. Torch Battery Manager Hua Sun

  • The overall size of ZZILE is good, a lot of exhibitors, the audience is also very professional. The exhibition of our business promotion play a very good role in boosting the participation effect than any other exhibition we participate to win a chip. We are very satisfied! Hebei Bo Jue Manager


Theme Pavilion

  • E-commerce and Supply Chain Management
  • City logistics and logistics park
  • integrated logistics and express delivery
  • Commercial Vehicle and Transportation
  • Logistics Equipment and Technology
  • Forklift & Accessories
  • Cold chain logistics and refrigeration equipment
  • The Internet of Things technology, logistics information technology and Intelligent Transportation

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